Why bootstrap design? (Part 4)

Bootstrap Design


In creating Bootstrap Design, I had no intentions of teaching myself or the reader how to be a professional web designer, graphic designer or any other similar practitioner in a related profession.


Certainly this blog could and I hope potentially will serve as a primer for those absolute beginners as well as those with some education in design to learn things they were not aware of before and perhaps share knowledge with other readers.


But the main reason for its existence is to impart some basic elements of design, web and otherwise, to the non professional for the purpose of either gaining more skills for use in business applications, say for a blog or company website or simply for self-expression.


Depending on how it evolves, I may, and probably will, add elements for those trying to create in-house newsletters, graphically enhanced reports and those who, like me, are interested in gaining more skills for the bootstrap publishing and other graphic media fields.


Comments are always welcome and encouraged.



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2 Responses to “Why bootstrap design? (Part 4)”

  1. 10th Way Says:

    Welldone! Looks good so far.

  2. Ideas, ideas, ideas « Hessinger Media Says:

    […] blogs on entrepreneurship (another passion of mine), business design for the novice, and perhaps other subjects like local and national news commentary, politics, alternative energy […]

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