10 tips for better digital photos

Samsung digital camera

One important element for blogs, other websites or just about any design project today is the use of photos to brighten up otherwise dull pages and illustrate what is being discussed.


If you don’t want to deal with the cost of an online photo service or run the risk of violating someone’s copyright for randomly grabbing an image off the Net, a reasonably priced digital camera (like the one above I got for Christmas this year) can be the answer.


Here are 10 tips for getting better shots with your digital camera from Michael Miller at AOL.com:

1. Improve Your Composition with the Rule of Thirds

Mentally divide the image in your viewfinder into nine “cells” separated into three rows and three columns and place subjects of importance in the proper thirds accordingly.

2. Get closer

Standing too far away will add huge areas of wasted space in your frame and make your subject appear too small. For God’s sake, get closer!

3.  Focus

Don’t count on your camera to do all the work.. Simple tips include aiming to be sure your autofocus is trained on your subject and pushing the button down halfway before firing off a shot to allow the automated system time to do its job.

4. Get Steady

Moving the camera while taking photos can lead to blurry results. Unless that’s what you’re going for, knock it off! 

5. Use More Light

It’s a problem especially with indoor photography and flash or even photo flood lights may be part of the solution depending on the level of your commitment and what you’re trying to accomplish. 

6. Use Flash Outdoors

Even outdoor shadows created by bright sunlight can be eliminated with a well placed burst. 

7. Use a Polarizing Filter

I had one on my old Nikon 35 milimeter SLR and never took it off. If your low priced digital isn’t built for it, Mike suggests shooting through the lens of a pair of polarizing sunglasses. 

8. Turn It Sidewise

Vertical shots add great variety to layout and, of course, are more appropriate for some subjects. 

9. Use the Highest Resolution Possible

Resolution quality is just not something you can add back in PhotoShop. 

10. Take Ten to Get One

Remember, it’s digital so you won’t have to pay for film or developing.    

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One Response to “10 tips for better digital photos”

  1. Mike Elliott Says:

    Sound tips for the beginner….well done

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