How to build your business website (Part 6) download 


BD: Did you make any effort to visualize what you wanted before starting? Make diagrams or any other visual aide to get you where you wanted to go in creating the site? In retrospect how important is preplanning to the process?  

Denise: I’m so glad you asked – this part is a must. It’s also a lesson learned from my time at the design company. As I mentioned before, I looked at a lot of existing sites, checking the navigation and layout, noting my likes and dislikes. I tried going the template route, which didn’t work out. So I mapped out the basic layout on a tablet. Next I decided what pages to include based on the information I needed to provide a prospective client. Then it was really a matter of just diving in. Some people write their content offline and then place it. I’m very visual and like to see things taking shape. So I brainstormed, then wrote and edited the content directly into my pages – testing live as I went along. Seeing steady progress kept me motivated and on track.



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