How to build your business website (Part 4)

The Effective VA



BD: I think you said in an e-mail correspondence that in retrospect you didn’t consider some of the other free options—blogs, Microsoft Live products—that were available to launch your online business. Looking back are you sorry you didn’t choose one of these options?  

Denise: I really wish I had known about them ahead of time. Even though I did a lot of research – looking at other virtual assistant and small business sites – it really wasn’t until later that I discovered a growing trend to use blogs as main business websites. 

Since the Microsoft Live options are just coming out of beta, I think the jury’s still out on them. I do have a couple of test sites to play with though. There’s just never enough time in the day. 

But I may still make the switch to a blog platform this year for Aday VA Solutions. I’m learning as I go with my own blog on the side – the effective va ( – written for other VA’s and start-up entrepreneurs. I started it last September as a way to learn by doing and I really enjoy it. Right now it’s on Blogger, but I’m considering a move to Word Press. Blogger is great for a beginner – very user friendly – but some of the other platforms offer a lot more scalability. I’ve also rediscovered writing for enjoyment since starting my blog, but that’s getting off track.



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