How to build your business website (Part 5)

Microsoft free business platform


BD: I think you also said when we first corresponded via e-mail on this subject that the project itself took weeks to launch because of your decision to take on the website design yourself. What was the major hold-up?  

Denise: The major hold up was getting the layout right. Making sure all the little elements stay where they’re supposed to in various browser sizes, etc. One adjustment leads to another, and so on, and so on… 

Looking back, this ate up a lot of time. But when you’re bootstrapping it, sometimes there’s no alternative. Had I known about the blog option at the time I probably would have gone that route. It took awhile to write the content, and that wouldn’t have changed. But having all the structure and navigation in place would have saved loads of time and aggravation. I’m proud of what I accomplished and do get a lot of compliments on it. But wow, what an effort! 

Bottom line: Of course I would have liked to launch sooner. But I really don’t regret brushing up on my design and html skills. Just having the basics comes in so handy when using the other tools out there, i.e. working with a blog template and the layout of my posts. I’m also planning an e-newsletter for my customers and contacts. I know some of the same skills will be needed for that. So it was actually valuable learning time and not completely wasted.




One Response to “How to build your business website (Part 5)”

  1. know.to_alex.duggan Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience Denise. I understand exactly what you mean by getiing held up because of all the little details. I think one of the most incorrect assumptions we can make happens when we plan our timelines around a do it yourself website for business.

    After all, you want to focus on growing your business, not getting lost in template/layout land.

    Great article. Cheers!

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