How to build your business website (Part 9)

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BD: You said if you had it to do over again you probably should have outsourced the job. Some business owners worry that using off the rack platforms like blogs or free Microsoft business sites will fail to give their web presence individual distinction. Of the two solutions, if you had it to do over again, would you have a custom website designed or use a ready-made platform for the job?  

Denise: Two answers: 1) If money hadn’t been a barrier, I probably would have worked with a design company. The pros can help you with branding, give your site a polished look, and add the wow factor. 2) If my financial picture was the same, but I knew about the free, ready-made platforms, I would have gone that route instead. Just having the layout and navigation in place would have saved loads of time. Then I could have concentrated on good content and moved on to get clients.


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