How to build your business website (Part 11)

DHester’s white mouse



BD: What do you think are the major elements that every business owner should include on his/her website? Would you recommend a check list and did you have one to make sure nothing was left out?  

Denise: I do think there are some major elements that every business website should have. I think we all know by now that we have mere seconds to impress someone enough with our Home or landing page to make them stay to find out more. Other vital components are About, Services or Products, and Contact. These all lend legitimacy and I personally move on quickly if any are missing. I would also take the time to provide FAQ’s. This shows consideration and understanding of your clientele’s needs. It’s nice to have a Comments or Testimonials page as well, but these can be sprinkled individually throughout a site as an alternative. In the virtual assistant industry – as with many service industries – pricing isn’t always provided online. For several reasons that were seconded by my counselor at our local SBDC (a professional speaker herself), I chose to publish my pricing structure. This is a tough call for service providers and an individual business decision to make. I think if you can at least provide a ballpark you’ll be saving yourself time by eliminating those who have no intention or can’t afford to pay your rates. 

I definitely recommend a check list. I’m a big Outlook and GTD (Getting Things Done) fan, so created a corresponding task in Outlook for every page on my site, with bulleted action items for each one.

Photo credit: DHester, Pixel Perfect Digital 



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