How to build your business website (Part 12)


BD: What has been the biggest benefit, if any, to having a website in terms of its impact on your business? Was it worth the investment of time and resources? Can you give business owners any tips for how to gauge the effectiveness of a business website?  

Denise: This is a hard one for me to gauge and advise on just yet. It’s a given that a business must have a website these days. No one I know has even looked in a phone book for years. And as a virtual assistant I have to have an online presence. It’s my work arena and I have to demonstrate my knowledge and use of it. So that’s where I’ve concentrated much of my efforts, but not solely on my website. I honestly don’t know whether my site stats are good or bad compared to others’. I’ve seen them and know how to access them, but haven’t learned much about analyzing and improving them yet. I do a lot of my networking in the community where I work and live, because I enjoy it and it’s beginning to pay off. I do my best to drive these contacts to my website for more information. I also network within my industry groups online and landed my first client that way. At the same time, I’m learning gradually about SEO and online marketing and want to spend more time building my site’s visibility this year. 

Plus, if you’re interested (sort of related): 

Something I’ve learned since launching last August is that it’s very easy to become scattered in your marketing efforts, whether online or off. There’s more information and advice out there than any one person can absorb. You can’t follow it all. Get some kind of plan in place and work steadily on it. It may not be a formal marketing plan. At least develop a list of goals and benchmarks, with next steps and action items for each. Keep it in front of you and work on it every day. Clients come and go, so you have to keep filling the pipeline.


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  1. Denise Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful interview opportunity Shawn! And I’ll be checking in often for great Bootstrap Design tips from you and your contributors.

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