T-shirt design for the beginner (Part 5)

clock on the wall 


Remember your most important commodity as an entrepreneur when designing your T-shirts.  It’s the reason you’re taking the Bootstrap Design approach instead of looking over the resumes of professional designers. And chances are it will pay off in the end: 

…it’s interesting to note how much of a commodity time really is for the bootstrapper. Actually, time is money for most entrepreneurs as the saying goes.

Venture Capitalist Brad Feld made this observation in his own ten tips for bootstrappers. (READ MORE)>

Photo credit: marykbaird, morgueFile 



2 Responses to “T-shirt design for the beginner (Part 5)”

  1. Marlon Says:

    Cool ideas! You Rock!

    Please check out my site: http://bizop.tk

  2. Jan Says:

    I am always searching for clothes that no one else has. Sometimes you buy something from certain high street shops and you wear it out, embarassingly spotting a million other people wearing it too. If you have a personalised piece of clothing then the uniqueness is what makes it special. It’s almost a reaction against all of this cheap, mass produced clothing.

    Personalised Clothing – An end to cheap clothing

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