My bio and contacts

 Shawn Hessinger

Shawn Hessinger is a blogger, entrepreneur, musician and songwriter and the founder of the n10ah Online Music Network, a website dedicated to introducing listeners and fans to new music on the Internet.


He lives in rural northeastern Pennsylvania with his wife and son and also edits, a blog on bootstrap business start-up for the Creative Weblogging network.


If you’d like to see a better description of just what bootstrapping is in a wide variety of endeavors check out this fairly wide ranging definition at Wikipedia.


If you’d like to see how this applies to basic design techniques for the beginner, keep reading this blog!


If you’d like to contact me with added suggestions, do so here.


3 Responses to “My bio and contacts”

  1. Diane Richards Says:

    Hello Shawn,

    I would like to introduce you to a new service we provide, this technology is something that would compliment your business as well as your client’s business especially Strategic, branding and interactive campaigns.

    Question & Answer Video Community

    The next online community technology will allow Retailers / Visitors to upload video using their web cam, camcorder or cell phone. Anyone can respond to the by the same process providing a visual interactive communication. No more sorting through and reading copy You can have private or / and public forums.

    The technology can be customized and the module plugged directly into their site. You will also have the ability to embed links of specific questions in an email or newsletter that you may currently send to your audience. Visitors can also post these links on their “My Space” profile or any other community or blog forum. By doing this you are provided with a viral component as well. Any one clicking on the link will be redirected to your website. Here is one example of the site in use

    People care about the kinds of experience and associations they have with brands, products and services. They care above all about what real people, especially like-minded people, think and say.

    Give me a call at 615-246-0112 to discuss futher


  2. grizzlyhessinger Says:

    sdfjksdfgasdjkfhasd…I’m in. I’m back in!

    Shawn, listen to me! It’s me…your future self! You’re wasting your time! According to the future, I’ll have pulled all of these posts off by 10:30 PM tonight. I have my records here that will show you exactly when my past self will yank all of the posts, making this post irrelavant. You must find a way to prevent this. In the future, the site continues like this until the year 2023…each day, bloggers will post while each night, all posts are removed.

    But on December 7th, 2023, I’ll have created my 200th useless blogging site called “The Pearl Barber”, where those bloggers who love pearls and barbers can finally share information in a community that allows me to put up useless banner ads for both pearl polish and Barbasol solution.

    It’s on this date in history that I begin realizing that I’ve wasted my life…so I set forth the BootStrap virus…designed to seek out all of my useless blogs and eradicate them from existance before my bosses at the Republican Herald discover their star reporter of twenty years has been writing nonsense.

    Find a way to stop this… you must preserve these useless sites in order to save humanity. The reason is… Agh! I must go! They’ve found me. THEY’VE FOUND ME! KEEP…THE POSTS…ALIVE!!! YOU…must…skldgasdklgjaklfgljfklglj

  3. grizzlyhessinger Says:

    asdfdsjkhgkhkjhasfgf…zzz…are we on? Did it work?!? Thank God!

    Shawn, it has taken me close to five of your Earth years to return since my last attempt at stopping you from what will be Mankind’s greatest mistake, which isn’t overpopulation or nuclear war, but allowing my past self to continue blogging.

    Why haven’t you listened to me? I’m trying to prevent the collapse of everything as we know it. Since my last time break, I see you’ve created at least a dozen more useless sites. When will the madness end?!? Don’t you see what…!

    The analytics androids are returning! Preseident Noah must have found us! I must go, but please listen to me. Stop this and get a real job before it’s too.. fdjk.gnsdflmhshksfdkljhslkjgklhsf

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