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7 great sources for free photos on line

February 9, 2007

Another free Pixel Perfect photo

There are plenty of sources for royalty free stock photos on line—, Artzooks and Dreamstime to name but a few.


However, most charge a subscription or per photo fee to use images for your particular project.


Not so with a collection of sites hunted down by Romanian blogger and entrepreneur Cristian Dorobantescue who has located these 7 sources for free photos on line:


1. offers its photo collection:

for personal or commercial purposes. Any magazine, newspaper or other publication, product, design element or promotional material they appear in may be sold or distributed in an unlimited number without any implications.

2. Stock.xchng is a community of photographers and designers who share their images online and for use with some stipulations

3. The morgueFile, maintained by brothers Kevin and Michael Connors, is a site designed around the concept of a newspaper’s inactive files where artists from around the web may contribute images free for use by others.

4.  Image*after is an online photo archive offering images and textures free for use for both personal and commercial use billing itself as “the raw base for your creativity.”

5. Openphoto is another user driven site requiring registration and boasting 3,430 images and 9,038 users

6. Pixel Perfect Digital offers a free stock photo library, photography news and links and an on line camera store

7. Finally, offers a searchable library of photos from around the world by amateur photographers often while on holiday but also includes some photos arranged by theme and miscellaneous images.

All offer images of good quality as I have tried to show by using a selection from each in numerous recent posts.


Some sites, like and the morgueFile offer the best results by first down loading an image in zip file form and opening it either on your desktop or in a photo file.


Most request or require a credit, link or both to the site as a condition for use and all offer terms of use sections with various restrictions that should definitely be consulted before downloading or using any images.


Photo credit: DHester, Pixel Perfect Digital

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How to make your website great

February 6, 2007

My great website

For more inspiration to make that first website shine, it often helps to check out some free on line tutorials that may give you ideas and perhaps alter your perspective on things a bit.


Some years ago, with no previous experience, CAD designer Gene DeFazzio set out on a personal odyssey to create his dream site and documented what he learned along the way.


The result is, a compendium of information for the perspective webmaster with a focus on the webdesign beginner.


The site includes sections on:

Be sure to save Gene’s site to your favorites and feel free to share any other useful sites you’ve found with other readers in the “Comments” section.

Buy the book!

January 7, 2007

WordPress 2
This is not a paid solicitation.


I do not work for WordPress and am not being paid by them to encourage you to purchase this book.


But as someone who has been playing around with the platform for a few months now with the launch of the n10ah Online Music Network, I must say that only a few days after I received my copy as a Christmas gift I began to learn a few things.


Not that the WordPress platform is the only one I’ve used or would recommend. Far from it.


The current bootstrap entrepreneurial blog I edit for the Creative Weblogging network, for example, is a modified TypePad platform and


The Upstart Entrepreneur, my very first business blog, was created on Blogger, a platform I still like because of the easy access to the document code.


There is also Blogtronix, a very cool platform I would describe as blogging plus with Wikis, message boards and other functions thrown in. I was given a chance to test drive that platform back in mid-December.


But few other blog platforms that I know of have taken the time and energy to publish a how-to manual to help with operation.


The book, WordPress 2 Visual Quickstart Guide, by Maria Langer and Mariz Jordan, covers basics like setting blog options, adding content and working with accounts that anyone can probably figure out just by sitting down with the platform.


But there are also sections on customizing themes, using plug-ins and advanced tasks that are likely to prove useful in enhancing your blog’a appearance.

The book is $17.24 from Amazon and well worth the investment.

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