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T-shirt design for the beginner (Part 5)

February 27, 2007

clock on the wall 


Remember your most important commodity as an entrepreneur when designing your T-shirts.  It’s the reason you’re taking the Bootstrap Design approach instead of looking over the resumes of professional designers. And chances are it will pay off in the end: 

…it’s interesting to note how much of a commodity time really is for the bootstrapper. Actually, time is money for most entrepreneurs as the saying goes.

Venture Capitalist Brad Feld made this observation in his own ten tips for bootstrappers. (READ MORE)>

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T-shirt design for the beginner (Part 4)

February 22, 2007

Bootstrap T-shirt design


What kinds of materials do you need for your do-it-yourself T-shirt design project. 

In fact, you may have many of them around the house already. 

I used nothing but some common household items, some borrowed technology and my Dad’s home PC set-up to get started, and I might have been able to get by with even less had a set my mind to it. 

Check the link for a complete list of the items I used for my project. (Yours may differ, of course, based on your design and creativity.) 

Then check out the following post for the next step in our project. 


T-shirt design for the beginner (Part 3)

February 21, 2007

n10ah music T-shirts


The task was simple. Create promotional merchandise to help promote my new venture, the n10ah Online Music Network.

 But some obstacles did stand in the way. Read on: 

The project probably could have been completed faster had it not been for full-time employment demands which are often part of the realities for any bootstrapper.

But I wanted to demonstrate how it could be done in the quickest, most inexpensive way possible as part of a down and dirty bootstrap start-up…(MORE)


T-shirt design for the beginner (Part2)

February 20, 2007

n10ah T-shirt



Creating customized T-shirts to promote any business can be fast, easy and fun with a little know-how and easy to use tools available on the Internet or as part of your existing home PC set-up.


Selling the T-shirts on line is easy too and can be done free with some Internet services. It can also create an additional revenue stream for your existing business.


Here’s Part 1 of how I custom designed great looking T-shirts for one of my on line businesses, the n10ah Online Music Network in just a few days:

Stocking an online store doesn’t have to be a major project.

And, as I intend to show in the next few posts, it does not require a large capital investment to create attractive items for sale, either as a supplement to your main business or as the beginning of a self sustaining retail business…(READ MORE)


T-shirt design for the beginner (Part 1)

February 18, 2007

Design your Own T-shirt

If you want to create personalized T-shirts to display on your website promoting your business, the solution may be simpler than you realize.


In about a week’s time, I created a series of promotional items for my n10ah Online Music Network and created an online store to sell them using primarily existing on line tools and services and a little ingenuity.


I created the designs for the T-shirts themselves in a substantially shorter time as you’ll see, again using little more than some easily available technology.


In a series of articles on entitled “Fill your boutique in about a week” I go through the steps I took to get my T-shirts designed and my Internet store up and running.


You can do the same or create your own line of designer T-shirts for on line sale. It’s easy. In the next series of posts we’ll review some of the steps I took and how I got there with links to the original BootsStrapMe content.


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